Airtel’s 360 days plan vs Reliance Jio’s 360 days plan: Which one’s better?

Airtel’s 360 days plan vs Reliance Jio’s 360 days plan: Which one’s better?

Airtel's 360 days plan vs Reliance Jio's 360 days plan: Which one's better?

Airtel launched a new plan for consumers that want to pay once and get done with for an entire year. The plan is priced rather steeply at Rs 3,999 but in the long run the data pack can save you from the trouble of monthly recharge and also save you a little money in comparison to an equivalent monthly recharge.

Airtel’s Rs 3,999 plan gives a total of 300GB 4G data over the span of 360 days. This new plan doesn’t account to even 1GB per day but it doesn’t come with any upper daily limit either. Most users fail to consume 1GB of data on their smartphone. With this pack, the user will be able to use the entire data plan according to their need.

Along with 300GB of data, the telecom company is offering unlimited calls and 100 SMSes per day. This plan will not be limited to the threshold of 250 minutes per day or 1000minutes per week. The Rs 349 monthly plan offers 1.5GB data per day but comes with various terms and conditions.

When it comes to long term data plans, Reliance Jio too has an attractive line-up of recharges. Considering the new Airtel special pack, we’ll pitch Reliance Jio’s Rs 4,999 plan against Airtel Rs 3,999 plan.

Similar to Airtel pack, Reliance Jio also offers a validity period of 360 days with its Rs 4,999 package. The package also comes with unlimited calls and 100 texts per day. The pack gives the user a total data of 350GB. The user will also get access to all services from Jio applications.

Similar to Airtel’s plan, the Reliance Jio’s Rs 4,999 plan won’t have any upper limit on a daily basis and can access the 350GB data at any given instance.

On paper, Airtel’s plan is cheaper than Reliance Jio’s Rs 4,999 plan but the latter offers 50GB of extra data for the same time period. However, Reliance Jio consumers have various offers which include cashbacks of up to Rs 2,599. The company is also offering instant cashbacks of up to Rs 300 with the use of third party wallets.

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